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About Us

Choosing where your child starts his or her educational journey can be difficult. You want your child to learn but at the same time, you don’t want to take away the exciting and fun experiences in
Group of kids in pictureearly childhood development. Fortunately, at Lunita Play & Learn Daycare, our programs are a perfect balance of structured learning and good old fashioned fun!

Enroll your child at Lunita Play & Learn Daycare where we have a mission to:

Provide excellent childhood education programs that will shape the youth in today’s generation to become responsible, intelligent and creative citizens who will take care of our community’s wellbeing for the future.

Lunita Play & Learn Daycare is forward thinking – even as early as today, we are already preparing your child for what he can be tomorrow.

Our day care is the best place for children to grow. Visit us and see our facilities for yourself. You can meet with our administrator for a consultation too.

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